Celebrating 15 Years of 317 Main

Come join us for an awesome night of fun in honor of 317 Main’s 15th year as a non-profit. Come celebrate, reconnect, listen to and make some music with us, while we “spin” some of our “Greatest Hits.” Learn all about what 317 Main does best and get some glimpses of a vision for our future, together!

We’ll be celebrating this year at the Portland House of Music in downtown Portland. The temporary move of our annual event to this rockin’ location in the city provides us an opportunity to showcase our presence and partnerships in Portland.


General Admission Tickets will be available starting April 1st at 12 noon for $50 per person. Due to the indoor venue this year, tickets will be limited!

Join the House Committee!

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Being on the House Committee is a great way to show your support for 317 Main – plus House Committee members are invited to join us for an exclusive VIP reception with special musical guests.


Event Details:


May 9, 2019


Portland House of Music, 25 Temple St, Portland, ME 04101


  • 5:30-7:00 VIP Reception: House Committee & Sponsors
  • 7:00-9:00 317 House Party & Live Auction
  • 9:00-10:00 After Party


Joy & Chip Ahrens

Cass Baker & Anthony Foianini

Kyo Bannai & Craig Schneider

Nancy & Dave Berrang

Molly & Adam Burk

Gail & Peter Cinelli

Shari Elder

Polly & Fred Frawley

Peter Haynes

Justin Whitlock & Stephanie Meyer

Lynn & Jim Shaffer

Emily & Matthew Siegel

Amy Sinclair & Tux Turkel

Sally Struever & Peter Eiermann

Drew Watt & Sarah Cotsen

Jeff & Nancy White



Cass Baker

Kyo Bannai

Gail Cinelli

Mika Lentz

Chris Moore

Amy Sinclair

Sally Struever

Leah Whalen

For 2019 sponsorship or volunteer opportunities, please contact Kyo Bannai at kyo@317main.org
Thanks for you interest in 317 Main.
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