Eli Gilbert

Teaches: Banjo and Guitar

Teaching Philosophy: My goal is to find what a student is most passionate about musically and then use basic concepts of technique, theory, and practice methods to investigate and expand on that passion.

Greatest Musical Influences: Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe, John Coltrane When I’m not making music: I’m Listening to music and drinking tea.

Current Music Projects:

Favorite place in Maine: Anywhere near the water.

Learn More: www.eligilbert.com

Eli has returned to his home state of Maine after completing a B.A. in Bluegrass from East Tennessee State University where he toured with the ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band and Virginia-based band Jeff Brown and Still Lonesome. Before arriving in Tennessee, Eli studied Jazz for several years at Johns Hopkins University.

These days Eli performs around the country with numerous bands and musicians, including Dreamcatcher and Laura Orshaw & The New Velvet Band. Eli received his first banjo lesson at 317 Main and is excited to pass on his knowledge of a diverse range of genres on both the banjo and guitar.

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