Tyler Lienhardt

Teaches: Fiddle

Teaching Philosophy: Anyone can learn to do anything. The only difference between a complete beginner and a master is time and perseverance.

Greatest influences: Tommy Peoples, John Hartford, Rhys Jones, Tommy Jarrell

Current Projects: Tricky Britches, Red-Eyed Fox

When I’m not making music: Taking photos, playing basketball

Favorite Place in Maine: Baxter State Park

Learn More:

Tyler has been working and volunteering in early childhood education since 2008. In 2015, he completed a two-year Americorps assignment at Portland’s East End Community School, working in the music classroom, and tutoring kindergarten through 3rd grade. In 2017, he led the extracurricular 3rd grade violin program at East End School.

Growing up in Gorham, Maine, Tyler studied jazz at the Tony Boffa school in Westbrook. Later, he would go on to learn Appalachian Old-Time and Irish fiddle styles in New York City. In a quest to further his understanding of Irish fiddle, he spent several months in County Donegal, Ireland, studying with regional masters there.

In 2009, he co-founded the string-band Tricky Britches, a band he continues to perform today. In 2015, he toured Eastern Europe with roots band Tumbling Bones, as part of the cultural exchange program American Music Abroad.

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