Tyler Stanley

Teaches: Piano

Teaching Philosophy: Quality over Quantity. I worry less about the amount of songs we learn and how hard they are and more about playing well and making it enjoyable for the student. I want to give my students the gift of a lifetime of making music – pushing kids too hard on to things they don’t want to do means they associate piano as a chore and never want to pursue it on their own. The best thing a teacher can do for a student is inspire them to be self-motivated.

Greatest Musical Influences: Stevie Wonder, Keith Jarrett, Ray Charles

When I’m not making music: I’m Repairing sewing machines, Working on the house, Hanging with the family.

Current Music Projects: Pete Kilpatrick Band, Native Isles

Favorite place in Maine: Western Mountains

Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/nativeisles

Tyler began playing piano at a young age and went on to study music at the University of Southern Maine where he graduated with a degree in Jazz Performance. He is very active playing, recording, and writing with his recently formed group, Native Isles. He spent many years playing with the Portland funk band, Sly – Chi. As well he performs and writes with The Pete Kilpatrick Band, who has toured with O.A.R and opened for The Dave Matthews Band in recent years.

As a teacher, Tyler believes it is important to create a positive atmosphere while teaching students how to get the most out of practicing. He also spends time in most lessons accompanying students on their pieces so they can realize even from a young age how to play in a group setting.

Tyler attributes much of his ability in popular music to his training in classical and jazz genres.

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