Join the Host Committee!

Being on the Host Committee is a great way to show your support for 317 Main – plus Host Committee members are invited to join us for an exclusive VIP reception with special musical guests. To learn more, email Sally at [email protected]


As of March 3, 2020

Joy and Chip Ahrens
Leslie Anderson and Danton Nygaard
Cassandra Baker and Anthony Foianini
Anne Ball and Dennis Welsh
Kyo Bannai and Craig Schneider
Mary Baumgartner
Nancy and Dave Berrang
Ann and Rob Billings
Emily and Ken Blaschke
Gail and Peter Cinelli
Dan Crewe
Ted Danforth and Andrea Stevens
Marnie and Tim Dean
Shari and Steve Elder
Lynne and Jay Espy
Kristen and Bob Farnham
Fred and Polly Haight Frawley
Chelsy and Michael Gilroy
John Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen
Linda and Jeff Gray
Peter Haynes
Linda and Charlie Horstmann
Jeff Kew and Kathryn Sharpless
Celine and Chris Kuhn
Megan and Clayton Kyle
Cathy and Neil Lamb
Ellen Mahoney and Ed Daranyi
Tiffany and Andrew Marianski
Kristina and Brian McElhinney
Ned and Allison Merrick
Stephanie Meyer and Justin Whitlock
Peter Milliken and Linzee Weld
Fritz and Susan Onion
Janice O’Rourke and Darren Setlow
Hannah Quimby and Zak Klein
Michael & Linda Rapoza
Katie and Ben Redfield
John Ryan and Jenny Scheu
Tobey Scott and Amy Woodhouse
Hollye and Dave Seddon
Marie and Andy Sevier
Lynn and Jim Shaffer
Emily and Matthew Siegel
Amy Sinclair and Tux Turkel
Beth and Tania Sturtevant
Liz and Stewart Strawbridge
Sally Struever and Peter Eiermann
Lisa Thomas and Alistair Raymond
Rosemary and Hans Underdahl
Heather and Frederick Veitch
Liz and Peter Ventre
Yasmin and Brit Vitalius
Maryanne and Bob Vitalius
Drew and Sarah Watt
Ronnie and Evan Weston
Jeff and Nancy White
Bennett and Jen Wilson
Amy Woodhouse and Tobey Scott
Timothy Wyant and Claudine Weatherford

Event Committee

Thank you to the volunteers and staff that make this event possible!

Mika Lentz, co-chair
Shari Elder, co-chair
Cass Baker
Kyo Bannai
Nancy Berrang
Gail Cinelli
Melia Coletta
Linda Gray
Anna Hinsmann
Linda Libby
Chris Moore
Melody Murray
Sally Struever
Leah Whalen
Maryanne Vitalius

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.