25 Violins are Needed This Month to Make This Program Possible

For the past five years, 317 Main has been collaborating with schools and other nonprofits in greater Portland to bring the power of music to hundreds of people who might not otherwise have access to music education.

Our Partnership Programs are offered at no direct cost to students or their families, and range from weekly music classes culminating in an end-of-year performance, to weeklong songwriting intensives and other creative formats. Partners include the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine, Casco Bay High School, Wayfinder Schools, Rowe Elementary School, and others.

This fall, 317 is launching a new Partnership Program with East End Community School in Portland, which will invite all third graders to participate in learning to play violin, at no cost to students or their families.

Third graders will explore the violin through in-class instruction for 4 weeks, and will then have the opportunity to choose to continue a weekly class as part of the school’s Rise and Shine program, which most students participate in before the school day begins.

“I can imagine students receiving a quality group lesson on the violin from 317 teaching artists, and then transitioning into their school day carrying that positive musical experience with them all day, brains primed for learning, feeling successful before the school day even begins!” says Dan Nogar, Student Engagement Coordinator and Music Teacher, East End Community School.

Child-sized Violins Needed!

To launch this program, 317 needs 25 child-sized violins by the end of September. If you or someone you know has a ¼ size or ½ size violin that you would consider donating, please contact Molly Gallagher Burk. All donations to 317 Main are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting community music!