Like most of you, I am home today, again, adjusting to the new way of living life.  I think back to just a few week ago to “normal” times and marvel at how so much has changed in such a short period of time.  The steps that we are taking now and the sacrifices that we are all making are difficult but, will hopefully result in controlling the spread of the virus and decreasing the duration that we all need to stay in isolation.

Our current situation has presented us with an opportunity to reexamine how we work and have clarity about what is really most important to us as we strive to fulfill our mission for community music.  Our resolve has only been strengthened and I want to share that our focus  is on the following critical aspects of who we are:

  1. Continue to support 317 Main’s incredible Teaching Artists – we are so lucky to have a group of talented, motivated, and caring Teaching Artists who have all embraced the new remote learning environment and are committed to continuing to teach and inspire their students.  317 Main is committed to continuing to pay our Teaching Artists at the same levels that they were earning during the Winter session even if enrollment drops.
  2. Fulfilling the mission of making music accessible to all – we all know, and are being reminded daily, about the power of music to connect and heal, particularly in these unprecedented times.  The Teaching Artists are committed to continuing to pour their heart and soul into their lesson times and work with the staff to develop and offer new ways of learning, enrichment, and connection that is accessible to the community.
  3. Protecting the longer-term interests of 317 Main Community Music Center – the staff, Teaching Artists, and board are all anticipating the day that we can reopen our doors and welcome the community back into our great building.  We are actively pursuing government funding through the CARES Act provisions and many of our grantors have reached out to offer their support.  We are so fortunate to have a community that values the organization and has offered to help as we navigate through this temporary setback.  We are determined to make it through this difficult time.

Thank you to all for your patience, interest, concern and offer to help.  This is a time where the power of music and community will bond us together in new and special ways.  We hope that you will listen in to our two weekly free online concerts, sign up for our virtual open mic, check out a Little Roots class, and/or jump into one of our uke jams!

Stay safe!