What is the minimum age for students?

In short, we welcome students of all ages.  Enrollment in private, semi-private, and group lessons is offered to musicians of all abilities.   Our Little Roots program offers a range of group classes for children ages birth-7 and our Deep Roots program is geared toward students 55 and older.

What instruments do you teach?

Our instructors teach a wide range of music genres on a variety of instruments, including  guitar (electric and acoustic), banjo, cello, dobro, fiddle/violin, flute, recorder, harp, mandolin, bass, drums, (electric and acoustic), piano, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, and voice.

How do I sign up? 

Take a look at our group offerings on the website, call or stop by in person.  Group lessons are run in 3, 13 week sessions.  Private lessons follow the same schedule, but can be started at any time based on availability of instructors.  Complete the Registration Form, pay by cash, check or credit and you’re good to go. Welcome!

What if  I’m not sure?

If you’re unsure, you can always start by taking a trial lesson.  The purpose of a trial lesson is for the teacher to assess the musician’s level of interest and commitment, and to determine if the lesson will be a good fit for both student and teacher. Payment for this lesson is due at the time of the lesson. After the initial lesson, the student may choose to continue for the remainder of the current session. Payment for continued lessons is due at the time of scheduling. 317 Main reserves the right to honor teachers’ considerations in any teaching situation.  Our Director of Music Education, Chris Moore is also happy to help potential students find the right fit. Please contact him at [email protected]

Do you rent instruments?

We do not currently rent instruments for student use. Students should bring their own instruments to lessons. For rentals, please call:

  • Buckdancer’s Choice 774-2219 (guitar, mandolin)
  • Music & Arts 797-3494 (cello, violin & wind)
  • Andy Buckland    491-7690 (string instruments)
  • Frost Gully: 865-0818 (cello, violin)

If it’s a first lesson, we can usually let a student borrow an instrument, but please call ahead to be sure we have one available in the right size.

When does the next session start? When does this one end?

We have divided our academic calendar into 3 sessions: Fall (13 weeks), Winter (13 weeks) and Spring (11 weeks), followed by summer (July and August) when more flexible scheduling is accommodated. We encourage you to print out our calendar and keep it handy so that you will know all the session dates and the registration deadline periods.

Download and print the 2019/2020 Calendar.


What  if I can’t get a lesson time that works for me?

We have a Wait List which we actively manage. We will work with you to fit your needs into our schedule, and although we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request, we will certainly try. Please feel free to call Sarah or Marie at the Front Desk at 207-846-9559 to check the status of the Wait List.

My child missed a lesson—can I schedule a makeup?

Each lesson is important and student attendance is expected every week. No makeups will be given for student absences.  Our instructors reserve your time slot specifically for you.

How do I pay for lessons?

Payment for the session is due in full at the time of registration/scheduling. Payment plans and financial aid are also available.  Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card through our Front Desk 846-9559.

What if I have an emergency and have to stop lessons mid-session?

Payment is required at the beginning of each session and is non-refundable. In cases of medical or family emergency, students should consult with Sarah or Marie at the Front Desk at 207-846-9559.

Who do I talk to about my bill?

Marie and Sarah at the Front Desk are in charge of collecting all tuition and answering your billing questions and concerns. Financial aid inquiries can be directed to the Business Manager.  Email Marie, Sarah, using our contact form.

What is Save Your Spot Registration Week?

During Winter registration (in November) and Spring registration (in March), we set aside one week for students who were enrolled in the previous session to re-register in their same lesson day and time. Early Bird Rates apply and payment for the  Session is due in full. At the end of Hold Your Spot week, any unclaimed lesson spots will become available to those on our Wait List, or to new inquires, on a first-come, first-served basis. Early Bird Rates apply as long as we receive registration materials and payment in full by the end of the Early Bird Registration period.

If you wait until after the Early Registration Deadline to pay and register, regardless of previous enrollment, we will attempt to fit you into the schedule based on availability. Requests will be managed in the order in which payments are received. Regular tuition rates apply.

When is the Early Registration Deadline?

Please consult the calendar.

What happens when it’s snowing? 

317 Main does not follow the cancellation and/or delay policies associated with any school district, mainly because our hours are different than the school day and conditions change throughout the day.   In the event of snow, please check our website at www.317main.org, our facebook page,  or call the Front Desk at 846-9559 for information about the status of all lessons. We will post announcements about the status of  morning classes by 8 am and announcements for afternoon/evening classes by 12 pm. Students are entitled to one make-up lesson per session for lessons that are canceled due to weather conditions. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions please contact Sarah or Marie at the Front Desk by phone at 207-846-9559 or contact us by email.