Getting Started On Clawhammer Banjo: Taught by Jake Hoffman

7/27 at 6 pm online via Zoom 

Learn the basics of clawhammer (also known as old-time, frailing, knocking) banjo.  All you need is a 5-string banjo.  Complete beginners are welcome as are bluegrass players trying a new style.  We’ll learn basic rhythmic patterns and melodic sequences. 


CCR For The Uke!: Taught by Steve Roy

7/28 6pm online via Zoom 

In this workshop, students will strum and sing some of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s greatest hits.  Chord charts will be supplied, and we’ll explore strum patterns and tab to accompany them.  All levels welcome.


Swing Chords For Flatpicking Guitar: Taught by Lincoln Meyers (in person)

7/29 6pm in person under the tent 

Would you like to explore alternative ways to play the chords you already know to mix things up in your approach to accompaniment? Master flatpicker Lincoln Meyers will introduce you to new chord voicing and rhythm techniques that can help you put that swing feel into your playing. Whether you are a songwriter, band member, or just want to delve into swing, blues, or jazz – this workshop offers great tools you can begin using right away.

Basic Rudiments and First Beats For New Drummers: Taught by Joe Beninati

7/29 at 7pm online via Zoom

Are you a beginning drum student or have you been playing around at home but never covered the basics with a teacher? Here’s your chance to get started the right way! All you need is a set of drumsticks and a practice pad. Experienced professional drummer Joe Beninati will show you how to hold sticks properly, basic rudiments, and beginner beats necessary to build a solid foundation for drum students in any style.


Understanding Scales And How To Use Them For String Players: Taught by Sam Schuth

7/30 at 6pm online via Zoom 

This workshop is geared towards string players who are (or would like to be) working on scales as part of their practice routine. We’ll talk about how we can use scales to work on any facet of string playing, and how they can be much more interesting and challenging than they seem. Scales aren’t boring, they’re your best friend!


Mountain Dulcimer: Taught by Pam Weeks

7/31 at 6pm online via Zoom 

The mountain dulcimer is a uniquely American instrument that evolved in the early 1800’s in Appalachia from German and Scots-Irish settlers. Like the guitar, it is a beginner-friendly instrument but contains challenges for a lifetime of playing.  In this workshop we will discuss its history and explore playing styles, and – whether you are a beginner or have been playing a while –  will offer new skills to move your playing forward!


Medium Tempo Bluegrass Jam and Tips For Parking Lot Pickers: Taught by Carter Logan

8/3 at 6pm in person under the tent

Hasn’t it been too long since you were able to play tunes with like-minded bluegrass enthusiasts? Join 317 Main teaching artist Carter Logan for a not-too-fast-but-not-too-slow jam playing parking lot and festival campground favorites, with tips on navigating the jam scene, taking solos, being a good rhythm support player, and more!


Introduction to Jazz History: Taught by Titus Abbott

8/3 at 7pm online via Zoom 

Join jazz musician Titus Abbott for an informal survey of jazz from the early days of New Orleans right up to the present day in New York City and Europe. Participants will get an introduction to important styles and artists of this wide-ranging musical genre, with a focus on recordings and a discussion of developments and influences.


4 Joni Mitchell & CSNY Tunes in 4 Guitar Tunings: Taught by Diana Hansen

Adults with some playing experience, please

8/4 6pm in person under the tent 

Do you play guitar and sing? Want to break away from standard tuning? It can be so illuminating to explore favorite songs in their original tunings. Join Diana in learning 4 Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young songs in 4 different alternate guitar tunings!


Reading Lead Sheets for Piano Players: Taught by Annah Gauthier

8/4 at 7pm online via Zoom 

Have you always wanted to know how to find and play chords on the piano, accompany yourself while singing your favorite tunes, or just would like to have a better understanding of how it all works? In this workshop, we will cover basic chord theory, learn how to read lead sheets, and discuss a few tips and tricks for sounding more like a pro!  Participants should have at least a beginner-level ability to read music and navigate the keyboard. All ages welcome, but recommended for 12 and up! 


Learn To Play The Uke In A Jiffy! (18+): Taught by Nina Miller

8/5 at 6pm in person under the tent 

Have you wanted to play the uke but haven’t had the time? You’ll be up and running in 60 minutes!  Nina has taught hundreds of newbies how to get started on this small but mighty instrument. Guaranteed lots of fun and good, safe times.


Alternating Bass Fingerstyle Guitar: Taught by Jake Hoffman

8/5 at 7pm online via Zoom 

Learn to make your thumb a steady bass player as we fingerpick chords, melodies, and entire songs. We’ll listen to Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotten, Rev. Gary Davis, and other African-American artists who influenced a whole generation of folk, rock and pop guitarists in the 1960s.  This online class is for guitarists who are comfortable moving between open position chords.  Tablature will be provided for students and/or standard notation at student’s request.


How To Put Together A Great Audition for Vocalists: Taught by Mary Letellier

8/6 at 6pm online via Zoom 

Do auditions make you nervous? This workshop will teach you everything you need to nail your next audition: what to sing, what to say, what to wear, what materials to bring, and how to appear confident.


Improvisation Crash Course for Instrumentalists: Taught by Conor Linehan

8/7 at 6pm online via Zoom 

Improvisation is an essential tenet of many styles of music. From Bach to Bluegrass. From Louis Armstrong to Jimi Hendrix. But it is also a way to become better acquainted with your instrument and improve your understanding of how to apply theoretical concepts. This crash course will provide any instrumentalist or vocalist at any level the tools to begin an exploration into the art of improv through a discussion of the greater goals of improvisation, as well as give participants some practical tools and exercises to use in their daily practice.