“Who wants to lead a rhythm?” asked Kate Beever, music therapist, cradling a hand drum. Sitting around her in a circle were 10 students from Wayfinder, an alternative school for at-risk youth, along with members of the 317 Main music community.

“Music is a good way for me to express all the good things that are happening in my life now.”-Tobie Smith, 18, Wayfinder Student.

The students all took turns leading the drum circle, some showing off impressive beats.  But there was more at play within the circle than keeping time, explained Beever. By playing music together, the students were developing social skills – learning to lead, to trust,  and to listen to one another.  The drum circle was the final class in an 8-week music enrichment program, part of an ongoing Partnership Program between 317 Main and Wayfinder Schools.  “I like the fact that we’re here making something together,” said Tobie Smith, 18.