Tara Rook

Teaches: Digital Music

Teaching Philosophy: To guide students on the path to creating and expressing themselves.  To help students explore new tools to use for self growth.

Greatest Music Influences: Little Dragon, Four Tet, Caribou, Radiohead, Nosaj Thing, Jeff Buckley, Missy Elliot, Boards of Canada, Claude Debussey & so many more.

When I’m not making music: I am working on my art as an illustrator, working as a massage therapist, doing yoga, running, meditating, and enjoying life in beautiful Maine

Favorite place in Maine: Wolfe’s Neck State Park


To learn more: www.tararook.com

General bio info: Just Milk is Tara Rook’s electronic music outlet. Just Milk’s self produced ethereal beats sounds of glowing synth pop, dark disco, and dreamy folk vocals. She creates experimental, yet accessible tracks, blending electronic and organic elements.

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