Abigail Curtis

Teaches: Piano

Teaching Philosophy: My goal is to give students something to be excited about. Piano lessons are not only an opportunity to learn about music, but also to gain confidence and build character.

Greatest Music Influences: Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Todd Rundgren, Frederic Chopin, Edvard Grieg

When I’m not making music: I’m painting, hiking, spending time with my family, in the kitchen, or playing with dogs

Current Music Projects: Getting my Piano Pedagogy master’s degree at the University of Southern Maine.

Favorite Place in Maine:   My Grandparents cottage on Peaks Island.



Abigail Curtis was born and raised in Manchester, NH. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy at the University of Southern Maine. She has studied piano under Laura Kargul, and Christine Kissack, her Pedagogy mentor. Abigail has been studying piano since a young age and has performed throughout her life at her church, school, and Carnegie Hall. She is classically trained in piano and has played several instruments in a variety of ensembles.