Jeff Christmas

Teaches: Voice, Guitar

Teaching Philosophy: No genre has a monopoly on good, healthy singing.

Greatest Music Influences: They include Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Beethoven, The Kingston Trio, Palestrina, Motley Crue, everybody.

When I’m not making music: I’m spending time with my rad family (partner, 2 kids).

Current Music Projects: I play bass in a soul/r&b outfit called The Heated. Play guitar and sing in a folk duo call Finch. And, play singer-songwriter stuff solo.

Favorite place in Maine: Back Cove in Portland at High Tide and the Eastern Prom.

To learn more:
The Heated:
JC Solo Soundcloud:

Jeff Christmas began playing music when he was 6 years old. Since then he has made his way from pop guitar to musical theater to jazz bands to opera to Americana and just about everything in between. Jeff specializes in vocal instruction with experience in a wide variety of genres. He is equally at home on the operatic stage and in a smoky bar. Pedagogically, Jeff believes that no genre has a monopoly on good, healthy, artistic singing and works to nurture that in all of his students.

Jeff was raised in Burlington, North Carolina and has lived in California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and South Carolina before moving to Portland in 2015. He got his undergraduate degree in Music Industry Studies (with a minor in Spanish) at Appalachian State University and then went on to get a Masters of Music from the Boston Conservatory.

He loves writing songs, playing music with other people, rocking out with his two sons (6 and 11), hiking, biking, and eating amazing vegetarian foods.

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