Katie Bradley

Teaches: D’jembe, guitar, ukulele, singer/ songwriter

Teaching Philosophy: Provide a safe learning environment accessible for everyone to explore and create music. 

Greatest Musical Influences: Lucinda Williams, SOJA, Dessa, Joni Mitchell, The Cranberries, Ani Difranco

When not making music:  I’m hiking with my dog, cooking and eating delicious vegan food.  

Favorite place in Maine:  In the sunshine. 


Katie began her musical journey in 5th grade when she was given the opportunity to play the drums in the school band.  She continued to pursue drumming on her own and taught herself to play the drum set.  In college she found it difficult to find a space amenable to volume considerations for a full drum kit, so she picked up the d’jembe.  After college, she lived in Ghana for 4 months where she played African beats with locals musicians.  

At age 13, Katie began to teach herself to play guitar.  As her skills improved she was asked to play in a church youth rock band.  She would occasionally fill in on the electric bass as well.  While doing a semester away in Hawaii she fell in love with reggae music and learned to play the ukulele.    

Katie has been writing and performing music for more than half of her life.  Currently she is working on her 3rd solo folk album as well as an avant-guard rap/ folk album.  Katie plays throughout Southern Maine with her wife, a local singer/songwriter and harmonica player.  

Her favorite part of being a performer is inspiring people to sing and dance.  She loves teaching music because it provides students with a lifelong tool that transcends cultural and language barriers and empowers them to connect with others, express feelings and communicate ideas.    

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