Kristine Pennell

Teaches: Little Roots

Teaches: Little Roots (Program Coordinator)

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that the songs, rhymes, and musical games of early childhood are the perfect vehicle for developing early musical literacy while also fostering fun and connection. Learning and growth thrive when children can take musical risks in a supportive and creative environment.

Greatest Musical Influences: My greatest musical influences have been my grandmother, the Seeger family, Ella Jenkins, and Fred Rogers.
When not making music I’m: I’m spending time with my family and exploring local trails.
Favorite Place in Maine: Fort Williams


Kristine is an avid collector of children’s songs, activities, and games and sharing them has been her life long passion, first as a babysitter and camp counselor, and later as a 3rd grade teacher in the North Berwick school system.   

Kristine is delighted to combine her passions for folk music and teaching as 317 Main’s new Little Roots Coordinator. In addition to earning her BA in History, Kristine completed the ETEP Graduate Teaching Program and Fundamentals of Music at the University of Southern Maine.  She is a certified Children’s Yoga instructor, and has experience combining music, art, games, literature, nature, and movement to teach preschool concepts. Kristine lives in Gorham with her husband, two young daughters, and an old, lovey-dovey cat.

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