Maggie Robinson

Teaches: Fiddle

Teaching Philosophy: I take an individualized approach because I like to go with
the student’s area of interest. Sometimes we work by ear, sometimes with sheet
music. Mostly, I want playing the fiddle to be as much fun for the student as it is
for me.

Greatest Music Influences: Nat Hewitt (fiddler), my family

When I’m not making music: I’m bicycling, calling Contra Dances

Favorite place in Maine: Morse Mountain

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Maggie Robinson has been teaching fiddle since 2003. She began taking violin lessons
at the age of 10 and became concert mistress of her high school orchestra. Many years
later she discovered contra dancing and fell in love with the music. She took the violin
out of the closet and started learning fiddle tunes. She completed a course in 2003 at
the Hartt College of Music, Theater, & Dance on “Teaching Fiddling.”

Currently she is teaching at several locations in greater Portland, and also regularly
calls for contra dances around the state. Maggie is on the staff at Maine Fiddle Camp
where she specializes in working with beginner adult students.

She serves on the board of Down East Friends of the Folk Arts (DEFFA) as an
organizer of the annual Down East Country Dance Festival.

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