Michelle Mullane

Teaches: Voice and Piano

Teaching Philosophy: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” – Victor Hugo
Music is a gift.  It is a gift that has been given to me by many teachers, mentors and friends.  As an educator, it my great pleasure to give that gift to others.
Greatest Musical Influence: Lise Dunn, My Mom, Renee Fleming, Arrogant Worms, Steffany Gretzinger
When I’m not making music I’m: Traveling, drawing, painting, writing, hiking, baking, doing Pilates or eating chocolate
Current Music Projects: Music Teacher at William H. Rowe School in Yarmouth
Favorite place in Maine: Acadia National Park
To learn more about me:  http://michellemullane.com
For the last 10 years I’ve had the great joy of teaching music, art and preschool in a variety of settings. I’ve worked in both public and private schools, in addition to running a private music teaching company. I am currently the music teacher at William H. Rowe school in Yarmouth and am a certified teacher in both Maine and New York.  I hold a B.M. and M.S. in Music Education with concentrations in vocal music.

As an educator, and a person, it has become my mission to discover the song in my heart and let it out.  It’s my dream that I can help others to do the same, by sharing the tools that have been given to me.  I believe in the power of music to transform lives, classrooms, schools and communities.  I love sharing this passion with others.

When I’m not teaching music, you can probably find me wandering the globe, equipped with a camera, chocolate and art supplies. I also love Jesus and spend much of my time volunteering at church, often singing with a worship team or youth ministry group. I also enjoy crafts, Pilates, baking, painting, writing and redecorating my apartment.

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