Monique Barrett

Teaches: Little Roots

Teaching Philosophy: To lay the foundations for a lifetime of musical appreciation and exploration, and to help each student tap into their own unique musical capabilities and feelings

Greatest Music Influences: Aretha Franklin, Nick Drake, Frederic Chopin, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, The Muppet Movie SoundtrackWhen I’m not making music I’m: Raising two delightful children, growing and cooking and sharing food, going for long walks in the woods, hanging out with my cat, Rhubarb (AKA Barb), and reading a good book. To be honest though, I’m usually making, or at least thinking of, music while doing most things!

Current music projects: I perform as a solo singer-songwriter, and often perform in assisted living communities. I also am half of a duo called FINCH (the other half is 317 Main Teaching Artist Jeff Christmas!) and we sing songs with lovely harmonies that tend to make people cry.

Favorite place in Maine: Morse Mountain

Monique, (aka Miss Mo) has been playing music for as long as she can remember.  As a young child, she would make music with anything she could find, from a blade of grass to an acorn cap or bottle neck.  As she got older, she learned to play more traditional instruments including the french horn, guitar and piano.

Monique has been performing as a singer-songwriter in Portland since 2007 and though she mostly sticks to voice and guitar these days, she rarely passes up a change to play a tune on a good blade of grass.

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