Nina Miller

Teaches: Uke

Teaching Philosophy: 1) Show up  2) Tune up  3) Play out  4) Smile  5) Have fun
Greatest Music Influences: Everyone I meet who has a musical story to tell.
When I’m not making music I’m…Reading, eating, sleeping and not necessarily in that order.
Current music projects: To play, listen to and teach as much music as I can, until…I can’t.
Favorite place in Maine: My home in Portland
Nina began her love affair with the ukulele at the tender age of 8, after her parents went to Hawaii and brought back a sweet little soprano with painted Hula dancers. One night, after months of plucking and strumming, her brother stepped on that Hula gem, thus ending the happiest period of her life. Four decades later, on a whim (and to spite her brother), she picked it up again and started The FLUKES (Falmouth Library Ukulele Society) and has been blissfully plucking, strumming and singing once again, along with 35 of her new best friends. When not parading around with ukulele in hand, Nina can be found tooting her own French horn in the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

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