Ryan Audy

Teaches: Piano, Drums, Music Production, Music Theory, Beginner’s Guitar, Ukulele

Teaching Philosophy:  Music exists in all of us. Anyone can learn to express themselves through music,
so long as they possess patience and the willingness to learn.

Greatest Music Influences:  John Mayer, FKJ, Matt Corby, Kiefer, Leon Bridges, Tash Sultana,
Bill Evans, Steve Jordan, Jacob Collier

When I’m not making music:  Hiking, Traveling, Longboarding, Exercising, Yoga, Meditation, Reading

Favorite place in Maine: Crescent Beach State Park in Cape Elizabeth

To learn more:  https://www.breakwaterportland.com/about-us

Ryan started making music since before he can remember. As a young child, his favorite toy of all was his Yamaha keyboard. His method for learning music at a young age was playing songs from his favorite video games by ear, namely from The Legend of Zelda. His experience at a taiko festival in Japan at the age of 10 inspired him to become a drummer, and so he began taking drum lessons at the age of 12 up until he graduated from high school. Nowadays, he is predominantly a keys player and music producer. Ryan is the founder and co-owner of Breakwater Studio in South Portland as well as Portland’s annual SummerSide Music & Arts Festival.

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