On Saturday, May 20th,  the barn that was attached to 317 Main was torn down.  While it was hard to let the barn go, experts told us it was structurally unsound and at risk of coming down on its own.

Because the barn could not be renovated to meet our future space needs and because it was in such poor condition, we made the decision to take it down.

That begs the question, what’s next?  317 Main continues to grow, moving boldly to engage in our mission of bringing music to the community for everyone and positioning for a continued robust future for students of all ages and abilities.  We know we need additional space for student lessons,  recitals,  performances and a dedicated space for our Little Roots programming.

317 Main is now engaging with the community to plan for the spaces needed to meet the needs of the future and preparing for a fundraising campaign to raise the money.

Our Executive Director John Williams would love to discuss 317 Main’s future with you.  Please join him for coffee in the cafe on the first Wednesday of the month to brainstorm about how we can better serve the community.

Next coffee:  Wednesday, June 7th 8:30-9:30am.

Until then, check out these videos of the demolition and “Operation Cupola Rescue.”