workshop week 317 Main

317 Main offers Workshop Weeks during the final (13th) week of  the Fall and Winter Sessions.  During this week, December 5-December 8, each of our Teaching Artists will lead a one-hour workshop on a subject they would like to share with the community.  This is a perfect time for students to explore new musical territory, try a new instrument, spend some time with a different 317 Teaching Artist, or focus on a specific skill or creative area.

This fall,  our goal is to make it easier than ever before to participate.  Workshop Week is already included in the tuition for current students and for the first time, we’re extending that benefit to family members. That’s right. Students and family members can both participate in as many workshops as they like for no additional charge.

Second, we will provide free childcare from 5-8pm during workshop week. Parents can carve out a little creative time for themselves, while Amanda Panda provides fun, safe playtime for the kids at the River School which is only a minute away on Main Street. (Please sign up for childcare when signing up for workshops.)

And finally we are inviting the extended community to participate in any and all workshops for a one-time price of  $20.

Here’s the list of workshops. All you have to do is sign up on the big, blue board in our lobby.