(Age 6 and up)

Classes will be held both in-person and online via Zoom. Please note the location of the class(es) of interest. 

Spring Session begins April 5th, 2021

Financial Aid is Available. Call our Front Desk 846-9559 to learn more. 


Playing together with others is a fundamental part of being a musician.   At 317 Main, we work to ensure that group classes are both supportive and fun. Below
you’ll find group options for youth and adults. We look forward to making music with you.

Are you more interested in taking private or semi-private lessons?  Great. Click here.

How We Define Groups, Ensembles, Jams

GROUPS: Typically, in a group lesson all musicians are playing the same instrument,  and working together on a shared repertoire.


Beginning Guitar Group

ENSEMBLES are made up of students playing a range of different instruments,  each playing a different part in the repertoire.  Ensembles emphasize preparing songs for a low-key performance for family and friends at the end of the session.

Ensembles give musicians the confidence to take the next step and join or start a band.  We have a wide variety of ensembles for youth and adults. Pop, folk, acoustic rock, and bluegrass, songwriting and dance – there’s something for everyone.  Learning together is fun, effective, and social.

In addition to some instruction on individual instruments and vocal harmonies,  members learn about group etiquette, poise/stage presence, and musicianship, all under the guidance and encouragement of one of our excellent teaching artists.



Flight 317-a Teen Instrumental Ensemble

THE JAM  is a time-honored tradition in which musicians gather as a community to make music together.
At 317 Main we offer faculty-led acoustic jams that are open to all instruments and all levels of play. No egos allowed — you will be comfortable, supported and engaged by the 317 Main jam community.
These well-run sessions are offered on a drop-in basis — just show up with your instrument and your $5.00 fee, and get ready to experience the joy of improvised play.
Jams do not meet during the months of July and August, but you can often find a good jam going during our Farmers Market on Thursdays June-Oct.


Informal Jam at an art opening in the 317 Gallery