Welcome to 317’s Fall Workshop Week!

Welcome to Workshop Week! Four days of unique, one-hour workshops that allow students to jam, learn, and pick up tricks from 317 Main’s Teaching Artists. This is a great time to learn tips from a new teacher, learn about a new style of music, or finesse your music. This week is the conclusion of 317 Main’s fall semester. All workshops will be held online via zoom. Scroll down to check out the listings. For questions or concerns, please email or call our Front Desk.

All workshops are FREE for current students and their family members and will be held online via Zoom.

For our community members who are not currently registered in a class or lesson this semester, please purchase a $20 workshop ticket that grants access to all workshops below!

Tuesday Workshops

Working Through Performance Anxiety with Abby Curtis
Tuesday, 4-5PM
Whether you’re an aspiring performer or have some experience, performance anxiety is a real and common experience for many musicians. Join Abby Curtis for an hour offering a variety of coping skills and strategies to help you transform anxieties into positive performance experiences.
Using A Capo for Guitarists with Lincoln Meyers
Tuesday, 4-5PM
In this workshop for all guitar players, Lincoln will review the basics of the capo – what it is, how and when to use it, and why. It’s really pretty simple once you understand a few fundamental concepts about this little mechanical device. Lincoln will also show you some cool tricks that can enhance some chord positions. It doesn’t matter what style of music you’re playing, guitarists at all levels will find something useful here.
Vocal Tricks to Improve Singing with Diana Hansen
Tuesday, 5-6 PM
In this workshop, we will use rubber bands, straws, balloons, apples and more to help us look inside our working-singing voice. We will look closer at breath control, posture, shape of mouth, lips and tongue! How do we get the best resonance? Let’s look at some tricks to help better understand our voice.
Western Classical Music Beyond Bach and Beethoven with Annah Gauthier
Tuesday, 5-6 PM
Did you know Mendelssohn had a sister named Fanny who composed prolifically? Or that Schumann’s wife Clara was a prodigious pianist and composed her first piano concerto at 16? Have you heard the music of Teresa Carrano, Florence Price, Amy Beach, Barbara Strozzi, or Chiquinha Gonzaga? This workshop aims to give a crash course in female composers of the western classical style whose genius shines boldly through history!
Deep Rhythm Exploration for Pianists with Emmett Harrity
Tuesday, 5-6 PM
Are you a pianist who is looking to enhance your relationship to rhythm? Searching for techniques to conquer difficult timing issues between the two hands? Interested in exploring the concept of rhythm more deeply, and elevating your musicianship in the process? Join self-admitted rhythm nerd Emmett Harrity as we explore some simple exercises and techniques to improve rhythmic independence between the hands, and help build a more visceral sense of rhythm. All levels of pianists welcome, bring a piece you’ve been working on!
Songwriting for Stress Relief with Sorcha Cribben-Merrill
Tuesday, 7-8 PM
Music is a natural stress-reliever. Writing music is like creating a vessel you can fill with whatever you need to say and whatever you need to hear. In this workshop, you will write a song guided by lyric and melody writing prompts to spark your senses and your creative power. Come as you are with pen, paper, and an open mind. If you play an instrument, bring that too.
This workshop is geared toward teens and adults but is open to all ages. No experience necessary.

Wednesday Workshops

Stories and Songs for Kids and Families with Ted Demille
Ted will match great children’s literature with favorite songs that families love. The work of Eric Carle, Leo Lionni, and Arnold Lobel will be shared, and families will be able to play along and move to the beat with instruments and found items at home during the musical portions. All ages!
Navigating The “Break” In The Voice: How to “crossover” from the Chest Register to the Head Register with Kathy Slack
Every person has a “bump” or “sticky place” (sometimes more), in their voice where they feel discomfort or tension as they move from their lower range (Chest Register) to their higher range (Head Register).  This difficult spot is often located in the Middle Register, also known as the Passagio or Speaking Register, but there are other places in a person’s range where one can also experience tension. In this workshop,Kathy will be offering solutions using specific vocal exercises to assist in Crossover Singing from Register to Register.  We will be focusing on “smoothing out the bumps.”  Open to Teens and Adults. No past training, pre-requisites, or experience necessary.
Improvisation Games: How to use improvisation to practice and how to practice improvisation with Clifford Cameron
Exploring how a limitation or rule can generate creativity and foster growth and control. A focus will be placed on strengthening your “ear” and “singing” through your instrument. Another concept will be using looping to practice a technically challenging moment in a piece of music while making that moment enjoyable to play over and over again through slight improvisation. Some experience or at least exposure with the concept of improvisation is encouraged, additionally at least a basic level of instrumental and music fundamental proficiency is also encouraged.
An Introduction to the Music of The Shakers with Chris Moore
Members of the United Society of Shakers composed an estimated ten thousand songs in 19 communities from Maine to Kentucky, beginning in the 1780s and continuing to the present day.  Hundreds of these tunes are still remembered and sung at the one remaining active Shaker community in New Gloucester, Maine. With the exception of the song “Simple Gifts,” this vast repertoire of early-American folk hymns is virtually unknown to contemporary singers and audiences. Join Chris for an introduction into this distinctive and perennially relevant American vocal music tradition.
All-Comers Gathering! with Ellen Gawler
Come one, come all, to this virtual get together for learning some new dance melodies that we can all play together. We will explore new tunes by ear that will be incorporated into the repertoire for our all-comers band. After the workshop, you will receive music and a recording so you can continue to play them to your heart’s content! The class will focus on fiddles but back-up instruments are welcome. To get the most out of the class, you should already be able to play a few simple tunes on the fiddle. See you there!
Build A Basic Beat for Beginning Drummers with Joe Beninati
This workshop will teach you the building blocks of a basic drum beat. Joe will cover simple coordination between the four limbs. These skills will be the first step in learning how to provide a rhythmic foundation for any song or tune you would like to work on. All welcome!

Thursday Workshops

Haunted House Soundscape! with Alicia Phelps
Musicians will get a chance to design and score the music to their own haunted house! As a group online we will explore different sounds for all of the terrifying ghosts and creatures lurking in the house as well as a character brave enough to enter! Using any and all instruments and voices we will compose a one-of-kind haunted house music and premiere the spooky suite at the end of the workshop. Open to all young musicians, bring an instrument you have around the house to the party!
All About Chords! with Kelly Muse
Chords are the building block of music. TA Kelly Muse will explain how they are built, how to name them, why they sound like they do and how they can be used. We will also explore some famous chords from popular and classical music. Open to all ages and instruments.
How to Sing for the Camera with Mary Letellier
Learn everything about lighting, camera angles and confidence! Do you need to film an audition or just want to look and sound your best on your Zoom lessons? This is the class for you!
Introduction to Everything
An online guided tour through the world of acoustic instruments with Carter Logan
Join 317 Main’s Carter Logan in this introduction to acoustic instruments, including: guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, bass and dobro. This workshop is an excellent way to learn more about the many wonderful instruments taught at 317. Open to all ages and all levels. Perfect for students of all ages who are thinking about beginning lessons!
Cajun and Creole Fiddle with Mitch Reed
Join master fiddler and Louisiana native Mitch Reed to learn about the differences between Cajun and Creole fiddle music.  Mitch will demonstrate using a variety of traditional tunes, and will provide a brief history and explanation about the evolution of these two distinct musical styles.
Performing in Quarantine with Jeff Christmas
Many musicians have had to shift, dramatically and quickly, to performing in the digital world lately. Join Jeff Christmas to discuss some of the very basics of navigating this new world.
Ukulele Jam! with Steve Roy
Bring your ukulele and join Steve in a super-fun group jam (and sing!) celebrating the biggest little instrument. Steve will provide chord charts and with take the group through some classics and new favorites. Good times! All ages.
Come Join a Fiddle Tune Jam!  with Maggie Robinson
All are welcome. We’ll play some jigs, reels, and waltzes from the 317 Monday night jam that is on hiatus. The tune leader will play through the tune several times while others play along at home while muted. We’re open to tune requests and general questions about jamming together. All welcome!
The One And Only Yoko Ono with Titus Abbott
Join Titus for a talk on Yoko Ono and her influence on John Lennon and the Beatles. This will be a look at the controversial artist, performance artist, musician, and wife of the late John Lennon. The presentation includes the history of Yoko Ono and John Lennon with samples of their music and art.

Friday Workshops 

How To Get More Out Of Your Practice With A Practice Journal with Sam Schuth
How to get more out of your practice with a practice journal, or something like that for a title. Open to all musicians who have been learning their instrument(s) for at least a year – any instrument/voice welcome. I’ll talk about why journaling is helpful, and some of my favorite ways of using a journal in practice. Then we can do a Q&A and discussion.
Songwriting Exploration with Mesa Schubeck
In this workshop we will explore some of the building blocks of songwriting: chord progressions, melody, lyrics, rhythm and arrangement. We’ll discuss a few song examples and identify these elements to see how they fit together.  Please have a notebook and your favorite writing utensil ready; we’ll work together through some writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing!  If you have a song, or even a part of a song that you’ve written, feel free to bring it in and there may be time to share. Any age or experience level is welcome.
Making Music with Apple’s GarageBand with Ryan Audy
Learn how to compose and produce music in GarageBand using live recordings, MIDI instruments, and Apple Loops. This is a class for students of all experience levels.
Love Your Body and Play Better Longer! with Pam Weeks
Join multi-instrumentalist Pam Weeks for this exploration of healthy habits to assist you in playing your instrument. This workshop will start with posture, stretching, breathing, a discussion of general good body and life habits, and end up (as time permits) with exploring fingering exercises specific to progressing on your instrument. Brainstorming welcomed!