317 Main BEFORE the hedge was removed

Recent visitors to the 317 Main campus have probably noticed a big change in our appearance.  We removed the front hedge on the corner of Main and Mill Streets and our historic building and front yard are suddenly much more visible.

The removal of the overgrown landscaping is all part of a larger effort to bring more attention to 317 Main, its musicians and offerings.  As we move into our second decade, 317 Main seeks to make the transition from “hidden gem”  to  well-known community resource that is open and accessible to all.

Of course, now that our home is no longer hidden by  dense foliage, the wear and tear on the building are also on full display.  Rest assured that painting and repair work are on our to-do list and plans are already in the works to raise funds to preserve the building, also known as the Captain Blanchard House. 

317 Main AFTER the hedge was removed

The hedge removal was also timed to coincide with the start of our second season hosting the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market.   The market, which will run Thursdays 3-6pm from June through September,  will now be much more visible to passersby.

We appreciate your continued support as 317 Main grows to meet the needs of the community.