Students from Casco Bay High School join us at our Yarmouth campus for an intensive weeklong session in songwriting twice a year.  During their time with us, the students write, arrange and perform original pieces with help from a team of 317 Main coaches.

“What we say is everybody is going to write a song, but our real goal is for students to be able to tap into the creative process and to be able to put abstract ideas into language.”

Jake Hoffmann
Former Partnership Program Coordinator

Writing a song takes guts, creativity and a little bit of magic.  We asked one of our songwriting ensembles from the Winter 2020 session to talk about how they collaborated to create “Magnolia.”

Watch this video from our Winter 2017

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Songwriters from Casco Bay High School strike a pose after a day of creative work with us.
Spring 2017 Partnership Teaching Team