The Rhythm Section is the heartbeat of our organization.

A critical lesson music students learn is the importance of rhythm and phrasing. In ensembles and groups, playing in rhythm makes or breaks the overall sound as it keeps the musicians together, and gives everyone the confidence to play their best.

Join our Rhythm Section and become an essential member of our ensemble. Monthly donors like you provide the steady, dependable support that allows 317 Main to invest in programming and plan for the future.

We rely on beat makers like you to keep the music going. 

Thank you to our current Rhythm Section members!

It’s Easy to Sign up:

Choose a gift level, then join online and your monthly gift will be donated automatically to 317 Main through our secure system. Adjustments can easily be made by contacting the development staff at 317, including pausing, canceling, increasing, or decreasing your monthly donation.

Boom! Boom! The Rhythm Section keeps our music going.

By donating to 317 Main, you will:

Increase access to music education for all ages.

Make a diverse array of music classes available.

Participate in our region’s thriving art and culture ecosystem.

Spread the joy and love of creating music together.

About 60% of our $1,000,000 annual budget comes from tuition and program fees. As a nonprofit, we rely on your donations for the remaining 40%. Your monthly donation of any amount has the potential to have an even bigger impact than a one-time gift. 

Thank You to Our Current Rhythm Section Members:

Leslie Arnson, Barbara and Jim Atherton, Cassandra Baker and Anthony Foianini, Julie Benavides, Gail and Peter Cinelli, Deb Driver, Shari and Steve Elder, Margie Emmons, Fred and Polly Haight Frawley, Ellen and John Gawler, Amy Haile, Amy and Stefan Iris, Paul Lewandowski, Kate Maurer, John Nidiry and Erin Krivicky, Janice O’Rourke and Darren Setlow, Sarah and Jeff Potter, Jim Raker and Virginia Van Slyck, Anna Rice, Jeffrey Schwartz and Nancy Moss, Sandra Smith, Nancy Struever, Brynn Vogel, Michelle Vogel, Bonnie Walstrom, Ronnie and Evan Weston, Stephanie Meyer and Justin Whitlock, and Mara and David Woodward.