Asked what she enjoys most about participating in the drum circle, Serenity,  16, answered matter of factly, “I like to hit things.”  And what better way for teens to exorcise tension than by banging out rhythms on  upside down buckets with a pair of drum sticks.

Serenity was one of 14 students taking part in a 9-month program at Wayfinder Schools in New Gloucester-an alternative high school for at risk teens.

The percussion partnership with 317 Main is an annual tradition both organizations look forward to every year.

“It’s such a great outlet for them,” noted Joseph Hufnagel, Wayfinder’s Director of Residential Programs. ‘The biggest thing for me is seeing that they’re all in it together getting their energy out in a positive way.”

This year, the 4 week percussion program was led by experienced drummer Dustin LeVasseur. He and the students took turns leading the group reinforcing the idea of collaboration over competition.

“I liked seeing how we all brought different ideas to the circle,” said Hassan Hussein, 18.