317 Main partnered with young mothers once again this spring through Wayfinders Schools’ Passages Program to create beautiful music for their babies.
The Lullaby Project, initiated by Carnegie Hall, brings pregnant women and new mothers together with professional musicians to write original lullabies for their babies.
Because of the pandemic, the program took place online this spring, but the musicians and moms rose to the challenge, collaborating to create works of art even though they never met face to face.
Musician Jenny O’Connell and mother Arielys worked together to write and arrange “Amor Fuerté” this lullaby for baby Nelly.
“Her courage in taking on this project was inspiring! From the start, Arielys kept saying that she wasn’t a singer, she wasn’t musical — but that didn’t matter because her heart was in it. She was surprised to find that she’s a talented composer with great ideas, that
the lyrics were already inside of her, and that she knows exactly what she
wants. It was a beautiful thing to watch Arielys step into her own and take control of her creative process.”
-Jenny O’Connell/Musician